) has launched the to disseminate research related to international large-scale assessments.

The aim of the blog is to advance knowledge on how educational outcomes and quality are measured throughout the world,  and on the educational and political forces that shape learning environments and affect educational outcomes.

The blog publishes research related to international large-scale assessments including TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, ICILS, TALIS and . The blog is a reliable source for information on comparative education for non-academic audiences including policymakers, education practitioners and the wider media. Content is available in six languages.

The is comprised of international experts in large-scale assessments, including Dr Agnes Stancel-Piątak (Deputy Head of IEA's Research, Analysis & Sampling Unit) and Dr Wolfram Schulz (ICCS study director, ACER) and many others with strong connections to IEA.

Recent posts include an article based on ICILS 2018 results , a post based on data from PIRLS and the Reading Literacy Study:  and an article comparing PISA mathematics and ICCS results: ?

The nurtures excellent training environment for its 15 PhD students to become leading experts in the field of educational policy evaluation, international student assessments, and educational and policy consulting. It involves research, non-profit and for-profit 14 institutions from Europe and beyond.